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The Important Stuff

No need to go into an office every day. You’re the boss. There’s no commute, traffic, supervisor or anything else that can make earning a living tiresome. You simply to login, broadcast, and earn money and when it’s convenient for YOU.

No minimum hours required.  You are in charge of your own financial freedom and quality of life. It’s really that simple.


Complete the Model Application found HERE.  Upon submission of all documentation required, you will be sent credentials including; site specific username, password, and the Model Agreement to review and sign.  The approval process generally can be completed on the same day if you provide all images, and legally required proof of identification.



We cannot stress this point enough. The largest factor in the approval process is the proof of identification. If images sent to us do not follow the directives given, we will have to deny your application.  If you find that you haven’t received your login details, this is probably due to the images sent were denied.   In all cases we do send an email to notify you of the matter and what needs to be corrected.  If you don’t see an email from Support@skincamslive.com, please check within spam.

You may also reach us at any time using the contact information found in our “Contact Us” section.  Found here.


  • A clearly legible picture of the front and back of your personal Identification. Couples will need to fill out the application individually.
  • A photo of you holding your ID next to your face, with all of your face showing as well as all four corners of your ID showing. Must be able to read the ID.  All images that require you to hold an image next to your face: Here’s an example:ID Example SKL1

A picture of you holding something that shows the date, ensuring your face and date is legible.

  • One profile picture that will be used for your initial image shown on your public page. NO NUDE photos are accepted.  You will have the opportunity to add photos, and personalize your profile once it is approved.
  • 3 Suggested Model Names you would like to be as your “stage name”. If you are an existing Model working on other sites, and would like to continue using it, you are welcome to bring it with you. Please advise the name and site you are working on, so we can link them together. No changes will be made to your other sites, we simply will aid in cross promoting you if you are already performing using a multi-cast method.

In the event, there are problems with clarity of the identification received, we will contact you and provide further instructions.

If you don’t receive an initial confirmation email, please check your spam and ensure you have provided the proper email address to reach you.


Payout terms are determined by the site you chose to work on. Payment is made from SkinCamsLive, Inc. and generally we offer bi-monthly payouts via First Choice (formerly Payoneer), direct deposit, PayPal and check.


We realize that the initial process of starting can be a bit intimidating. In our experience, the best advice we can give is to relax, have an open mind, be considerate of your audience, converse directly with them (STAY OFF YOUR PHONE) and let them know you are new and learning the ropes.  You’ll be surprised at how much support you will receive. Most Members are excited to meet a new face and eager to show it to you.

In the event you have questions, need assistance or support for any reason know that we are here to help.  Our goal is for you to excel and be happy working with SKL.

Your Model representative contact details are provided within your Model Benefit Program Package which you will receive via email, and are available to you as needed.


Email address for support:

New Models: new@skincamslive.com

Current Models: Models@skincamslive.com

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